Extensive flavour experience

For the last 20 years, Fabster has been creating unique and impactful flavours. Our flavourists have, on average 10 years of experience; our technicians and production operators have between 5 and 20. Food industries in some 40 countries trust us. What could be better than that?


We have 15,000 flavours: from sweet to savoury, spicy to gourmet, powerful to discreet, fresh to creamy, and we are constantly developing new ones. Every flavour is an original creation made from natural or synthetic raw materials. We do not buy in flavour bases, alcoholates or infusions. As a Fabster flavour, your product is truly unique.

The reactivity

A tight-knit team around 20 employees, new flavour samples in 3 weeks’ time, a 10-day manufacturing delay: our turnaround is unrivalled in the flavours market. You can count on our quick roll out to never compromise your industrial timelines.

Custom flavours

Fabster makes the exact quantity you need, with a minimum order requirement of just 5 kilograms and no upper limit. Whether you are in the development phase, product launch or market stabilization, we adapt to your constraints.


With its light structure, efficient organization and optimized administrative processes, Fabster sells its flavours at a fair price. We are as proud of our high-quality products as we are their very competitive prices. Compare and see for yourself!