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Winter 2017-2018

Fabster is ISO 22000 certified!

It’s official: after 14 months of hard work involving all of our very motivated Fabster employees, your flavour and dye manufacturer officially received the ISO 22000 certification. This food safety management system guarantees that our flavours and dyes adhere to strict rules at each step of the development and manufacturing process. Moreover, it the guarantees 100% traceability. “We had already been working like this, but we wanted to make it official and have our efforts recognized,” explains Jean-Philippe Mouthoy, convinced that this certification will allow Fabster to position itself in new markets, especially in export. “This also ensures that all of the raw materials used by Fabster are controlled and meet the requirements that we had set ourselves,” adds Benjamin Gary, Fabster’s Quality Manager, who has put in place a team dedicated to following ISO 22000 monthly updates and continuous improvement. Fabster, a bold company with a taste for innovation! Contact us to discover the solutions waiting for you.

Winter 2015-2016

Your flavours are now certified ECOCERT organic!

Brewers, bakers, and beverage makers your flavours are now organic and ECOCERT* certified. Try them in: lemon, lime, orange, blueberry, apricot, cherry, apple, pear, raspberry, mint, peppermint, and more! Do you have a project in mind? Fabster is prepared to put your ideas on the table. Let us send you samples of our organic flavours. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about order sizes; you can order as little as 1 kg per flavour!

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