Flavouring is a universe of creation with unlimited space for innovation and in the Fabster R & D lab we don’t believe in falling into a routine. Every week, we work to bring you several dozens of new flavours. The majority are samples created for our clients’ product launches. Alongside this production, we continuously work on enlarging our already rich flavour portfolio.

Three flavourists walk into a lab…

In our R&D team, we have 3 flavourists. They work exclusively with raw materials: natural plants extracts, essential oils, globally sourced fruits, and vegetables, synthetic molecules, etc.

Putting smell and taste first!

Our sensory driven approach truly sets our flavours apart. Our flavourists conduct their research with their noses, tastes, and sensory memories to appreciate and capture the nuances of a taste profile.

In the development phase, our team uses cutting edge technology, like our high-performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) or mass spectrometry (MS). This technology is capable of reconstituting the “bare bones” of a flavour, that is to say the nature and proportions of the flavour molecules and can develop its formula.

When a project is particularly complex, our R & D team calls in reinforcements, expert noses with 10 to 20 years of factory experience to sniff out the solution. We pride ourselves on excellent teamwork, and it has paid off: at Fabster, no flavour is impossible.

Vanilla, the house speciality

Fabster’s flavour portfolio holds in its heart a special place for vanilla, the undeniable queen of all flavours. We have vanilla extracts, a natural vanilla flavour, vanilla flavour, vanilla pod, buttery vanilla, chocolatey vanilla, and many more!

What’s more is that when Fabster set out to make its own Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, they took quality to a new level. Grown in the Sava region on northern side of the island, this vanilla is cultivated in its natural environment by traditional and eco-friendly practices. It is then harvested, transformed, and packaged onsite in an effective production chain run by Fabster.

Innovation in Fabster food flavours

Why innovate flavours?

To adapt to changes in consumer tastes in markets all over the world with flavours that can be rich, spicy, fruity, creamy, salty, oceanic, herby, etc.

To ensure that each client has a true differentiation in the marketplace. Every flavour must be both familiar and new; it mustn’t confuse the consumer, but rather surprise and delight.

To meet the technical or reglementary requirements: water- or fat-soluble flavours, application compatibility, resistance during cooking processes, etc.