Food flavours for food industry clients

Made in France in our factory in Angerville, Fabster flavours are used in food industries in some 40 countries, with a large part based in Europe, French overseas territories, the Middle East and Asia.

Our clients sell their products worldwide, China included.

Our clients’ sectors:

Sweet and salty biscuits, bars, chips, chocolates, condiments: oils, vinegar etc., jams, e-liquids, liquors, spirits, fruit jellies, fruit purées, pharmaceuticals (vitamins), frozen dinners, dairy products, seafood, sauces, syrups, flavoured teas

Food flavours for food industry clients

Small factory, but large-scale capabilities

Do not be fooled by appearances: even if the Fabster factory is only 3000 m2 and processes orders as small as a single kilo, it can also make any, and we mean any, flavour by the ton in the same period of time: 10 business days. In fact, our factory is capable of producing 100 tons per month.

Our factory is prepared to handle spikes in activity thanks to its state-of-the art technologies: alembics, infusion tanks, electric mixers, emulsion machines, scales, cold chains and packaging machines.

Its collaborators (licensed chemical and agri-food technicians) took a one-year internal training course before making their first flavour. With their extensive knowledge of raw materials and flavours, they can execute recipes developed by the R&D team.

The factory’s operating systems are flexible and adjusted to the task at hand, especially when the delivering several tons of a single flavour. In such cases, the laboratory and the production managers work together to define an optimal manufacturing process.

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Fabster production plant is now officially classified as an allergen-free industrial site!