Food flavour manufacturer

A flavour made just for you

At Fabster, you won’t find off-the-shelf flavours or flavour bases already used by your competition: each and every flavour, whether it is natural or synthetic, is a creation. The 1,800 raw materials at our disposal are globally sourced and under constant scientific watch. Are you after the tang of an exotic fruit or the herby-aroma of particular plant from a particular corner of the world? Ship us your samples: we have the ability to run custom toll extractions and reconstitute their flavour structures.

Certifications: ISO 22000, ECOCERT, Halal and Kosher

Food flavour manufacturer certifications

Since 2015, Fabster has been ISO 22000 certified (a foodstuffs safety management system standard). It’s a standard that outlines the requirements that ensure the conformity of each flavour to its recipe. This certification must be renewed every year.

Fabster also offers a range of organic ECOCERT certified flavours: lemon, lime, orange, blueberry, apricot, cherry, apple, pear, raspberry, mint, peppermint, etc.

Fabster holds a halal certification that is renewed annually after a site audit and is subject to a set of strict rules and regulations. For example, we would never bind the molecules found in our halal flavours to an alcohol support.  

Fabster also holds a kosher certification that is both audited and renewed annually.

NEW! The Fabster factory is now classified as an industrial site without allergens.

Food flavour manufacturer

Manufacturing: buy what you need, not more, not less

We make the precise quantity you need from 1 kilogram to dozens of tons if need be! Your orders are produced within 10 business days and packaged according to your needs in bottles, carboys or tanks. For larger orders, we work with you by adapting our organisation and schedules to meet your deadlines.

Food flavour manufacturer

Food dyes, a service reserved for our customers

Our customers can also order our food dyes. Our dyes are made from a combination of natural and synthetic dyes. As for our flavours, the minimum dye per order is 1 kilogram and the production delay is 10 days.