Fabster creates high-quality flavours adapted to your products, applications, required quantities and tight deadlines

Food flavour fabster

Thousands of flavours

Lemon emulsion? Cherry tart powdered with jasmine? Bourbon vanilla? Salted caramel? Dragon fruit? At Fabster, any flavour is possible. With 20 years of flavour expertise, we specialise in developing and manufacturing high-quality flavours for food industries in 40 countries. We are passionate about anticipating global culinary trends and changes in local tastes to best meet different consumer applications and target markets.  

Our R & D laboratory is home to 1,800 raw materials from all corners of the globe and an ever-growing portfolio of 15,000 flavours.


How long will it take to create my flavour?

After an initial consultation period to position our R&D team’s research, we create your flavour and manufacture your first 20 ml sample in 3 weeks.

Our flavourists are at your disposal to develop and finalise your product in a short period of time. After the product is validated, our factory can manufacture your first order in 2 weeks.


Après une phase initiale de conseil qui oriente les recherches de notre équipe R&D, nous créons votre arôme alimentaire et produisons un premier échantillon de 20 ml en trois semaines.

Nos aromaticiens sont ensuite à votre disposition pour construire et finaliser votre projet dans les meilleurs délais. Dès votre validation, notre usine peut fabriquer votre première commande en deux semaines.

Food flavour fabster

Your unique products, our technical expertise

What type of flavour is best suits your product? 

Where, globally speaking, will you sell the product? 

Does your ideal product resemble or stand out among the competition? Should it be high-end or inexpensive? 

What are the technical and reglementary constraints? 

For every product you wish to create, Fabster will advise you, guide you and inspire you.

We don’t have a catalogue; we have unbridled creativity.


years of flavour expertise


raw materials


A portfolio of 15,000 flavours

At Fabster, every flavour is unique

In a food industry overrun with standardized flavours and tastes, we provide our clients with unique, differentiated flavours that set them apart.

We don’t outsource our core flavours: we make them in house with our own raw materials. We don’t use ready-made infusions or alcoholates: we develop them in our labs with our own equipment. 

These are just some of the ways Fabster ensures that each and every flavour we make meets our standards for richness, complexity and originality.

What’s more is that we never offer the same product to two clients in the same market and region to allow true differentiation in the marketplace.

We don’t outsource our core flavours: we make them in house with our own raw materials.

Experience and food-grade quality

At Fabster we invest in expertise and technology. Our team of seasoned professionals includes experienced flavourists, a Ph.D. Chemist, a quality manager, specialized technicians and production operators. Our expertly equipped 3,000 m2 factory, can manufacture the precise quantity you need, from 5 kilograms to several tons.

All raw materials and finished products undergo organoleptic tastings and physicochemical analyses. Fabster is ISO 22000 certified, a foodstuffs safety management system standard. It is also certified to produce organic (Ecocert®), halal and kosher flavours.