Fabster choice

Fabster has all the savours of the world

Foamed chicken? Powdered jasmine, brightened with a hint of cherry? Speculoos juice with a taste of Armagnac? Nothing is impossible for our virtuoso aromaticians who tease the molecules and play with the processes to obtain rare and exactly-pitched aromatic harmonies.

Creator of flavours and dyes
5, rue des moissons, F-91670 Angerville
Tél. : + 33 (0)1 69 95 22 14
Mail : contact@fabster.fr

  • The aroma merry-go-round

    - fruits: apricot, avocado, citrus, tomato, guava, lychee, tutti frutti, cherries
    - flowers: violet, jasmine, bitter orange flower, rose
    - alcohol: Armagnac taste, rum (Creole), Curacao, kirsch, whisky, mojito
    - grasses and spices: saffron, curry, pepper, mint, thyme
    - vegetables, cheeses, meats, condiments...