Quality at Fabster

Fabster business partnerships are made to last

Our teams start working with you upstream from your applications and take the time to create new savours. Tests, pipettes, test-tubes, processes… our chemists seek the right note, the perfectly harmonious balance:
– they use natural flavours to give a "palate" identical to fruit purée;
– they develop different flavours for each manufacturer;
– they prepare several flavours for dairy products developed for the same regional markets; etc.

Highly complex and delicate work which is why our company can guarantee the quality of our results, with no minimum quantity. The team can also supply you immediately with any of the many aromatic bases in our stock collection.

The three key words of the Fabster method are quality, proximity and reactivity.

Creator of flavours and dyes
5, rue des moissons, F-91670 Angerville
Tél. : + 33 (0)1 69 95 22 14
Mail : contact@fabster.fr

  • Our creations can be found in...

    - drinks: beers, dairy produce, soups, alcohols, syrups, granitas...
    - sweets, chocolates and candies, granitas, candy floss...
    - coffees, teas and cocoas
    - biscuits
    - parapharmaceuticals
    - convenience foods
    - fishing baits