Fabster, creator and manufacturer of flavours and dyes

With you and for you, Fabster teams develop new flavours and food dyes.

Twenty years of experience in aromatics have made us precise, rigorous, professionals with a vast network of business partners.

Working closely with many countries, we reference many natural plants.

Expert and enthusiastic, we advise you and accompany you in your development with suitable formulae complying with the legal and technical standards applicable in your markets.

Enter our small flavours workshop, and fall under the spell of the alchemy of our pervasive harmonies...

Creator of flavours and dyes
5, rue des moissons, F-91670 Angerville
Tél. : + 33 (0)1 69 95 22 14
Mail : contact@fabster.fr

  • Aromatician

    - specialist in the savours, flavours, tastes and culinary cultures of the world

  • Creation

    - original savours, created in large and small batches